Connecticut Lawmaker stands by Whitehead Aviation History

May 12, 2015

Kelly: Why aren’t they even intrigued at having an intellectual debate on this?

Hartford, CT – State Senator Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) released the following statement today re: Ohio, lawmakers in House pass resolution repudiating Gustave Whitehead as First in Flight, or ever taking flight.

“It is certainly admirable to acknowledge the Wright Brothers’ place of birth, but if history serves me correctly they actually flew in North Carolina.

“I suppose two states can share having pioneers in the field of aviation. I would be glad to support a joint resolution between Connecticut and North Carolina. Two states celebrating the marvel of flight together could be exciting.

“Those entrusted with our nations’ history and Ohio lawmakers should be intrigued to figure this out and instead are shutting it down. I’m curious to know how Ohio lawmakers can suggest Whitehead never flew. Where’s their proof?

“For now Connecticut will continue honoring Gustave Whitehead for his accomplishments. On August 14th, I will be celebrating “Gustave Whitehead Day” in Connecticut and with any luck Whitehead’s Number 21 will become the state’s Pioneering Aircraft.”