Business owners say proposed taxes will hurt them []

May 13, 2015

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WFSB 3 Connecticut
HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – A plan to tax more services in the state is getting people fired up.

Dozens of business owners went to Hartford on Monday to tell lawmakers how more taxes will damage them.

A public hearing was held by Republicans on Monday in response to a democratic proposal to raise more revenue by allowing more things to fall under the state sales tax.

Lisa Davenport, an interior designer, was one of the dozens who spoke out against more taxes on Monday.

“The tax on our services will most likely have clients pull back on how many hours they are willing to use us,” Davenport said.

Her business, along with a list of others, would require customers to pay a sales tax.

It includes dry cleaning and even veterinarian services.

Dairy farmer Paul Miller said sales tax would add $300 per week to his business.

“With the price of milk down 40 percent from last year, it’s going to be real critical for us to make up the cost,” Miller said.

Democrats want to lower the sales tax overall, but want to expand what is taxable.

They said they feel the hearing was a stunt.

Gov. Dannel Malloy said he doesn’t like the Democrats’ plan, but dislikes the Republicans’ budget even more.

“I think they put out an unbelievably bogus budget – an unbelievably false bogus budget,” Malloy said.

The governor’s budget has plenty of critics too, as he wants to cut many social services.

The state has a budget deficit of $200 million.