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April 2, 2015

Article as it appeared on NBCConnecticut.com

Gov. Dannel Malloy has announced millions of dollars in new budget cuts to help deal with a projected deficit.

The cuts will affect 20 departments, including $5.8 million for the Office of Early Childhood, $2 million in cuts for the University of Connecticut, $1.5 million for the Board of Regents, $1 million for the University of Connecticut Heath Center and more.

The governor said he is not requesting similar cuts to the legislative and judicial budgets and is not asking for voluntary cuts to the elections, ethics or freedom of information commissions.

“As we have assured CT residents, we will make the difficult but necessary decisions to keep our budget in balance. That said, the April tax receipts will determine whether further action is needed,” Office of Policy and Management Benjamin Barnes said in a statement.

In all, there have been $99.9 million in recisions. Following are the $13,731,331 in cuts Malloy announced on Wednesday.

Following is the list:

Agricultural Experiment Station
Personal Services $225,000

Board of Regents
Charter Oak State College $25,886
Regional Community – Technical Colleges $500,000
Connecticut State University $1 million

Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities
Personal Services $80,000

Connecticut State Library
Personal Services $42,627

Dept. of Administrative Services
Workers’ Compensation Claims $400,000

Dept. of Developmental Services
Personal Services $200,000
Autism Services $131,876
Supplemental Payments for Medical Services $93,905

Dept. of Economic and Community Development
Personal Services $225,000
Capitol Region Development Authority $100,000
Amistad Vessel $17,988

Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection
Personal Services $250,000
Environmental Quality $247,768

Dept. of Labor
Jobs First Employment Services $200,000
Intensive Support Services $11,200

Dept. of Mental Health and Addiction Services
Jail Diversion $38,151
Prison Overcrowding $56,745
Persistent Violent Felony Offenders Act $5,739
Employment Opportunities $89,441

Dept. of Rehabilitation Services
Personal Services $20,000
Educ Aid Blind/Visually Handicap Child $50,000
Employment Opportunities $20,000

Dept. of Revenue Services
Other Expenses $346,463

Dept. of Social Services
Personal Services $300,000

Dept. of Veterans’ Affairs
Personal Services $150,000

Office of Early Childhood
Child Care Services-TANF/CCDBG $5,835,882

Office of Higher Education
Personal Services $11,647

Office of Policy and Management
Project Longevity $26,250
Focus Deterrence $23,750

Office of Protection and Advocacy
Personal Services $2,000
Other Expenses $4,013

University of Connecticut
Operating Expenses $2 million

University of Connecticut Health Center
Operating Expenses $1 million