Sen. Kelly: The people are tapped out.

April 29, 2015

Hartford, CT – State Senator Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) released the following statement today re: majority party Finance Revenue and Bonding Committee state budget $2 Billion tax proposal.

“I recently received a letter from a member of the Greatest Generation – Shirley from Waterbury. Shirley is in a nursing home on Medicaid. She has sold her house, all her worldly possessions and surrendered her social security and pension income.

“Shirley keeps only a $60 monthly allowance. She wrote to me that she – buys her clothing, yarn and sugar free chocolate snacks and dove sensitive skin body wash with the allowance. If this cut (by the governor) passes you are taking what joy in life I have left.

“The people of Connecticut are tapped out. The largest tax increase in state history imposed by this governor four years ago did not fix anything. Here we are back at square one facing yet another budget hole more than $2 billion in the next budget cycle.

“What is the majority party answer? Raise taxes again! And raise them retro-actively and on a wide scale. These taxes are chasing residents out of the state. For those that remain – the governor has proposed to cut services in order to give his staff a more than $1 million raise.

“Republicans recently stood together to reject the governor’s proposal and unveil our Blueprint for Prosperity, an alternative budget that prioritizes people over politics and requires government to live within its means.

“Our plan provides tax relief by

  • Restoring the sales tax exemption on clothing and shoes under $50 that Governor Malloy wants to delay
  • Restoring an income tax exemption for single filers that the governor cuts
  • Phasing out the income tax on pensions under $100,000
  • Eliminating the governor’s proposed cap on tax credits that help local businesses

“Simultaneously, our plan reprioritizes spending to help those most in need by

  • Restoring funding to senior care programs including Alzheimer’s respite care and nursing home personal needs allowances
  • Dedicating $18.7 million for mental health care and treatment that the governor underfunds
  • Setting aside $15 million to help alleviate the wait list for services for the developmentally disabled
  • Reducing the burdens on our local hospitals

“Our plan also preserves value in our communities by rejecting the governor’s cuts to

  • State parks
  • Libraries
  • Local tourism venues
  • The resident state trooper program
  • Affordable housing
  • Farmland, open space and historic preservation
  • Youth centers
  • Veterans’ funeral honors

“By reprioritizing state spending, and cutting government waste, our Blueprint for Prosperity creates environments where all people have access to opportunities to be successful. We have a lot of work to do before people like Shirley can keep her chocolate and her soap.”