Sen. Fasano: “Governor Must Keep His Promise.”

April 17, 2015

No Taxpayer Dollars Should Go to Hartford Stadium.

Hartford – State Senator Len Fasano (R-North Haven), Senate Minority Leader, is speaking out against legislation that would transfer taxpayer dollars from the state’s General Fund to pay for the Hartford minor league baseball stadium. He is calling on the governor to keep his promise not to use taxpayer funds to foot the cost of the new stadium.

“The governor made a promise that no taxpayer dollars would be used to fund the new Hartford baseball stadium. Now we see that promise fading. While the governor vowed to protect taxpayers, legislation before the General Assembly would pave a path for tax dollars to make their way into stadium coffers. It’s unacceptable for the governor to break his promise, especially at a time when he is proposing draconian cuts to social services and core government functions. How can anyone sit back and cut funding for mental health care and the disabled while handing taxpayer dollars to a ballpark? It’s just not right. And it’s something the governor vowed he wouldn’t do,” said Fasano.

Senate Bill No. 1132 An Act Concerning the Admissions Tax will be discussed at a public hearing in the General Assembly’s Finance Committee on Monday. The bill would allow for the transfer of moneys from the General Fund to the Hartford minor league baseball stadium by directing taxes paid on stadium admission charges from the General Fund to the stadium.

“No other venue in Connecticut gets to benefit from the taxes collected on admissions. Why should this ballpark receive special treatment? The decision to move the Rock Cats from one city to another was made by the team owners, not by taxpayers. Connecticut families should not be held responsible for paying for any part of this move,” said Fasano.

Sen. Fasano was the first to speak out against using taxpayer dollars to fund the stadium. In September 2014 (, Sen. Fasano urged the governor to adhere to his promise not to fund the stadium with state taxpayer dollars. At the time Sen. Fasano stated, “A new stadium is an enormous undertaking that the state cannot possibly afford to take on at this time. As Hartford moves forward with their plans, and begins to piece together their budget, we must hold the governor to his promise that no taxpayer funding will be used to pay for any aspect of this stadium. From the ball park itself to the roads around it, Connecticut cannot afford to spend a single dime on this project. I sincerely hope that the governor keeps his word and protects taxpayers from shouldering yet another statewide burden.”


On Friday June 6, 2014, Governor Malloy made the following statements concerning the Rock Cats stadium plans when asked if the state bond commission would contribute to funding the baseball stadium:

“I have made it very clear and continue to make it clear that we are not participating in this project…we’re not part of it.”

He also stated: “I’m not intending to be the mayor of cities…it’s up to cities what they want to do in their jurisdictions.”

When asked about funding for associated project costs, such as street realignments, Governor Malloy stated: “Honestly I don’t know anything about that…we have no intention of participating in this program…Don’t be counting on us.”

To listen to the governor’s full statement, visit CT-N: