Praise For Helpful Senator/Courant letter

April 10, 2015

Letter to the Editor as it appeared in the Hartford Courant

When do we appreciate public officials? When they resolve our problem!

I’m please to write that I experienced our government at work with the support of state Sen. Tony Guglielmo.

As a senior citizen, my quality of life was being affected by an ongoing bureaucratic dilemma. I attempted to solve my problem with no success.

Feeling totally frustrated, I contacted U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro, who referred me to Sen. Gulielmo for my particular problem. Thankfully, Sen. Guglielmo was attentive, compassionate and took a personal interest in my uphill battle. He worked tirelessly to solve my problem and restore my quality of life.

I thank Sen. Guglielmo for being the kind of public servant we all need, deserve and appreciate.

Dino Fuoco, New Haven