Martin Supports Proposal to Help Female Veterans

April 8, 2015

Sen. Henri Martin (R-Bristol) today said he intends to vote in favor of a measure which aims to help make women veterans more aware of available programs and services.

The bill, which Martin is co-sponsoring, was scheduled to be taken up by the state senate on Wednesday (Apr. 8).

Martin, the Ranking Member of the legislature’s Veterans’ Affairs Committee, said the legislation would create an organization – the Connecticut Women Veterans’ Program — that would work to educate female veterans about federal and state benefits and services. The program would review the needs of female veterans and review programs and research projects designed to address those needs.

“There are more than 16,000 women veterans living in central Connecticut and throughout the state,” Martin said. “This legislation aims to prevent women vets from being overlooked. From homelessness and unemployment to health care and benefits, we should be assessing the needs of our female vets and determining how we can better help them. Where can our state’s policies get stronger, and how can we improve upon our weaknesses? This bill has the potential to not only get female veterans the services they deserve – it also has the potential to save lives. This is the least we can do for those who have served our country and defended our freedom. I am pleased that this bill has bipartisan support and look forward to it becoming state law.”

If the bill is approved by the State Senate, it will head to the House of Representatives.