Let your voice be heard!

April 28, 2015

We have proposed an alternative to Gov. Malloy’s state budget proposal.


Our budget plan, a Blueprint for Prosperity, accomplishes what the governor could not:

  • It is balanced.
  • It is under the state’s constitutional spending cap.
  • It restores proposed cuts in Gov. Malloy’s budget plan to the disabled, seniors, tourism, libraries, and veterans.

I hope you will join me in speaking up and urging your friends and neighbors to consider our thoughtful plan.

What else?

  • Our plan does not call for any higher taxes.
  • It caps state borrowing.
  • It contains reforms to save hundreds of millions of dollars in wasteful government spending.
  • It will benefit consumers, businesses, non-profits, municipalities and hospitals.

Here’s how you can speak up:

Fill out your contact information and send a letter to the editor using the form below as soon as possible.

Let your voice be heard!