Budget: We are going the way of Detroit

April 29, 2015

Hartford, CT – State Senator Scott Frantz (R-Greenwich) released the following statement today re: majority party Finance Revenue and Bonding Committee state budget $2 Billion tax proposal.

“The new tax package was approved by the Finance Committee despite strong Republican opposition. If we are to stop the decline in our rankings as a state in nearly every important category and to get our anemic economy going, we need to stop allowing government to grow at a rate that outpaces the ability and willingness of the tax base.

“The answer is not $2 billion in new taxes. In order to genuinely protect the people who need the government safety net, help the people who need jobs and restore our reputation nationally, we need to adopt a much greater pro-growth set of policies so that someday we can enjoy economic performance that supports these needs.”

Senator Frantz is the Ranking Member of the Minority Party of the Finance Revenue and Bonding Committee.