Cheshire Looking for WWII Vets for Memorial Day Parade

April 9, 2015

Dear Neighbors,

My friend Leslie Marinaro is looking for WWII veterans to honor this Memorial Day in Cheshire.

I am passing along the note she wrote to me to share:

This year, Cheshire will be honoring our WWII veterans at Cheshire’s Annual Memorial Day parade taking place on Sunday, May 24th. These special heroes, also known as members of “The Greatest Generation”, are leaving us at a fast rate and any opportunity we have to pay tribute to them is an honor.

I am writing to you to ask a favor. Many of you have relatives, friends or neighbors who are WWII Veterans. What we are planning is to have those who are able to participate, join us in this year’s parade in special places of honor. Obviously, we are not expecting them to walk the route! Depending on how many veterans take part, we will either have a bus (possibly the Senior Center or other bus), escort them down Route 10 with a banner acknowledging their service, or we will have them seated in convertibles identifying who they are as they pass the parade viewers.

If any of you know any WWII veterans who are ready, willing and able to participate, please reply back to me so I confirm a spot for them in the Parade. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you know from town who may also have a WWII vet in their lives. My contact info is below.

Leslie Marinaro
Cheshire Memorial Day Parade Committee/Division Commander
[email protected]