State Senator Visits Newtown Schools [Newtown Bee]

March 18, 2015

Article as it appeared in the Newtown Bee

State Senator Tony Hwang (28th District) has been making his way through the Newtown Public Schools, visiting with students.

According to his office, Sen Hwang intends to visit each of Newtown’s schools, and he has already visited Middle Gate Elementary School, Hawley Elementary School, Head O’ Meadow Elementary School, and Newtown High School. Sen Hwang also visited St Rose of Lima School on Friday, January 30.

With Middle Gate Elementary School students on Friday, February, 13, Sen Hwang discussed what “community” means. The students asked a range of questions after Sen Hwang spoke, and students also shared what laws they would try to make if they were a senator.

At Hawley Elementary School on Friday, February 20, Sen Hwang toured the school with Principal Chris Moretti and Lead Teacher Keri Snowden before meeting with students to talk about the government.

Students in NHS Social Studies Department Chair Candi Dietter’s American Government class were visited by Sen Hwang on Wednesday, February 25.

“I’m here to kind of bring it live to you,” said Sen Hwang, before discussing the structure of the state government.

Sen Hwang implored the students to be active and ask questions about bills that are presented in the state.

“I have two bills that are hot on the hopper that I would absolutely love your input on,” Sen Hwang said, before asking the students for their thoughts on tolls being added in the state and on “An Act Concerning The Zero Tolerance Environment Act,” a bill, co-sponsored by the entire Newtown delegation including Sen Hwang, which would provide for a zero tolerance environment in which the penalty for making a threat of violence against a school is increased to a felony with a mandatory fine, provided if the person charged is deemed to suffer from mental illness, the courts shall make mental health assistance available, as previously reported by The Bee.

Ms Dietter said the students were receptive to the information presented by Sen Hwang, and, “I think opportunities like this gives students real world/practical experience with what I teach them about theoretical government and politics. He did invite students to write testimony about either of the bills on which he is currently working.”

When one high school student said she would “deal” if tolls were added in the state, Sen Hwang, who did not share his stance on the bills with the students, told her she can have a say in changing the law.

“You better tell your legislators… and they better listen to you,” said Sen Hwang.

Head O’ Meadow Elementary School Principal Barbara Gasparine gave Sen Hwang a tour of her school on Friday, February 27, before he spoke to a number of students at that school.

Sen Hwang also told the students at Head O’ Meadow that if something is important to them then they should let their representatives know about it. The Head O’ Meadow students also asked Sen Hwang a range of questions during his presentation.