Sen. Kane: Cut wasteful govt spending before talking about more tax hikes. (WFSB)

March 9, 2015

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Proposal to reduce state sales tax discussed among lawmakers

HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – A hearing was held Monday regarding a proposal to lower the state sales tax.

Gov. Dannel Malloy wants to lower the tax, which could benefit shoppers and bring in more revenue.

His new budget includes lowering the sales tax from 6.35 percent to 5.95 percent within two years.

However, some said this move will come at a cost. Republicans have said it is a shell game because it gives to some and takes from others.

“There are a lot of places where we can find some savings in state agencies – let’s do that before we talk about revenues,” said Republican State Senator Rob Kane.

Under Malloy’s plan, some would gain, however, some would lose.

It would eliminate the $50 sales tax exemption on clothing and would significantly reduce the benefits of a tax free week, where only clothing $100 or less would be tax exempt, not $300 which it is now.

Shoppers like Mary Coursey, of West Hartford, would rather have a tax break all year long.

“I always forget to go during sales tax week. I’d rather have it be lower overall,” Coursey said.

Other shoppers said sales tax week really helps parents.

“There should be both. There are a lot of struggling single parents out there,” said April Hall of Manchester. “I have identical twin sisters who are parents and they have six children between the two of them. That would be a big help.”

The hearing was just the beginning, as the proposal would have to be voted on in committee, and then by the General Assembly.