Seaside Dilemma

March 26, 2015

Formica: show me the money

Hartford, CT – State Senator Paul M. Formica (R-East Lyme) released the following statement today re: the administration’s proposed budget cuts to the state Department of Energy and the Environment and the fate of Seaside Regional Center.

“Last night the local community was given a presentation by the state to see which option they would like for the Seaside regional Center. The property has been neglected for years and the state was in an ongoing agreement with a private developer to refurbish the historic buildings and keep public access to the shoreline intact.

“Out of the blue the governor decided last September he would step in and sever the agreement forcing the locals to give up their vision for Seaside. That vision included a 100-foot area of public waterfront access, a public walkway and designated public parking. The plan – was approved by state environmental officials – and was to also include rebuilding of critical seawalls.

“The Department of Energy and the Environment is faced with a proposed budget cut of $2 million by the governor in the next budget, which their Commissioner has indicated is going to lead to reduced hours of public access and other services at existing state parks.

“Some of these existing state parks actually produce revenue. Why on earth are we pushing ahead with a new state park that will cost at a minimum $3 million and a maximum of $60 million?

“I find it unfortunate that given the “permanent fiscal crisis” the administration says we are in – the state would suggest options for a park that would include such an expensive price tag. Where is this money coming from?”