Cheshire Legislators Hold Constituent Forum

March 6, 2015

(Left to Right)Sen. Markley, Rep. Zupkus, and Rep. Adinolfi

Cheshire – State Senator Joe Markley (R-16) and State Representatives Lezlye Zupkus (R-89) and Al Adinolfi (R-103) hosted a town hall meeting at the Cheshire Senior Center to discuss the major issues being debated by the legislature during the 2015 session.

More than 35 people attended the constituent forum, where the legislators fielded questions for almost two hours. Out–of-control state spending and an ever-growing state budget were among topics tackled.

Subjects discussed included transportation, tolls, veterans’ issues, and state regulations and taxes that squeeze small businesses. The legislators also provided details about the projected budget deficit over the next two fiscal years–an area where everyone agreed with Markley and Zupkus: Connecticut can’t continue on its current path.

“I’m always happy to meet with the good people of Cheshire and listen to their input on the issues up in Hartford,” said Markley. “Unfortunately there was precious little good news to deliver. The state is in the midst of a fiscal crisis. The governor has proposed a budget which preserves his own pet programs but cuts vital aid to the most essential social services. I am afraid the governor is playing a trick on us. He has presented a budget which no blue-blooded democrat in the legislature could possibly support. Legislative democrats may do the governor’s dirty work by inserting tax hikes to mitigate some of the deeper cuts. Needless to say, this is not a tactic I can support. Along with my friends Lezlye Zupkus and Al Adinolfi, I will continue to push for real spending reform, and I will oppose any new taxes.”

“At each of these town hall meetings we’ve hosted, we continue to hear constituents express deep concern over the unjustified spending of taxpayer dollars while the state faces a serious debt crisis,” said Zupkus. “People are very concerned about an increase in taxes as a result of this egregious overspending and are fed up with government. More and more we are hearing folks say they can’t afford to live or operate their business in this state. I will continue fighting for common sense budgeting principles that we use in our homes and our businesses, principles our state government should have started using a long time ago.”

“Our constituents are weary of Connecticut government’s hesitation to deviate from the status quo,” Adinolfi said. “When government continues to operate the way it always has, you get the same end product. Here in Connecticut, we are seeing over-taxation and ballooning state spending – and guess what? People are unhappy with that. We need to make Connecticut more affordable for every individual, every family, every business and every industry.”

The 2015 Legislative Session adjourns on June 10th.