Sen. Markley and Rep. Sampson to Discuss Governor’s Budget on Google Hangout

February 20, 2015

Senator Joe Markley and Representative Rob Sampson will be hosting their second Google Hangout on Wednesday February 25th at 6:30 p.m. The legislators will be joined by in-house legislative budget analyst Lisa Hammersley to discuss the Governor’s budget proposal and what it means for Connecticut families, employers, and the state’s long term fiscal health.

Governor Malloy’s budget contains over $900 million in new tax revenues, makes major cuts to the social safety net, and still requires the state to borrow $300 million to balance out.

The Senator is encouraging citizens to submit questions on email and Facebook. Some of these will be addressed during the Hangout. Please include your name and hometown with your question as these will be mentioned on the Hangout.

You can submit questions by email: [email protected]

Or on Senator Markley’s Facebook page:

Everyone is invited to watch the Hangout live by going onto Senator Markley’s Google Hangout page:

After the Hangout has concluded, it will be posted on Facebook and YouTube.

“Google Hangout is the perfect medium to bring vital information right to constituents,” said Senator Markley. “The state’s fiscal house is in total disarray and the Governor’s high tax, gimmick ridden budget only worsens the problem. I’m delighted that Lisa Hammersley will join us for this Hangout. She speaks clearly and honestly, and her command of the state budget is second to none. I hope my friends will take this opportunity to benefit from her remarkable expertise. I hope as many people as possible will submit questions, and watch the discussion.”

“I am looking forward to using this format to connect to residents concerned about the state of the economy,” said Representative Sampson. “The stakes couldn’t be higher as we face proposed tax and spending increases that put the squeeze on families and employers, and continue our state down a path of economic instability.”