(photo) Sen. Linares: Tesla Proposal “Would Provide Good-Paying CT Jobs”

February 9, 2015

Sen Art Linares (R-Westbrook) holds up a photo of a Tesla electric vehicle during his Feb. 6 testimony before the state legislature’s Transportation Committee.

The committee is reviewing Linares’ proposal to enable Tesla to open up their own stores in Connecticut and sell their cars directly to Connecticut customers. Current Connecticut law prevents Teslas from being sold in Connecticut. The electric cars are sold in neighboring New York and Massachusetts.

“This legislation will help create Connecticut jobs,” Linares said. “Tesla would provide good-paying jobs if this innovative company could open showrooms in Connecticut. This bill creates multiple opportunities which will benefit our economy and protect our environment. I hope it will receive bipartisan support.”

Linares said a Tesla goes nearly 300 miles on a single charge without any pollution. Tesla has won national awards for quality and safety.

“At a time when our country is trying to rid itself of dependence on foreign oil, we should welcome the sale of fully electric Teslas with open arms,” Linares said. “I believe that more Teslas on the road will ultimately lead to lower gas prices. Lower gas prices will result in more discretionary income for hard-working people, allowing them to spend their money the way they want. I see this legislation as a win for our economy and a win for the environment.”