Malloy’s Budget Keeps Connecticut on Rocky Road

February 18, 2015

Hartford, CT – State Sen. Scott Frantz (R-Greenwich) released the following statement today in reaction to Governor Dannel Malloy’s two year $37 billion budget proposal.

“When so many other states have reduced taxes and have done so because they have been fiscally prudent over the last three to four years, I continue to worry that Connecticut will continue down a road of budgetary uncertainty.

“We are once again, looking at increases of about 3% per year for the next two years while we should be looking at a zero percent increase or even better, a reduced budget, based on the projected $2.8 billion deficit.

“As a high cost supplier of goods and service to the people of Connecticut, there are always ways to save money in state government without affecting tax payers and citizens. We should be starting there instead of having to significantly raise the burdens on the business community with changes in the tax code and the middle class with a net increase in the sales tax over the next two years.

“Being in a position to have lowered taxes meaningfully would have put our state on a much better footing for economic and job growth going forward.”