Malloy Budget Proposal Hits Local Budgets Hard

February 21, 2015

Hartford, CT – State Senator Paul Formica (R-East Lyme) released the following statement today in reaction to Governor Dannel Malloy’s two year $37 billion budget proposal.

“The budget proposal presented to us today is full of many concerns and contains a lot of painful reductions to Connecticut families and the elderly. It flat funds local municipal aid and adds increases in trash fees which can only result in property taxes going up.

“I’m specifically concerned about another local cost. The cost small towns pay to employ Resident State Troopers. Right now small towns pay 70% of the cost. The state pays the other 30%. In this proposal small towns pay 100% of the cost. The resident trooper works part of each week for the state so the 30% split was justified. If the towns pay 100% will the state reimburse towns for trooper state time? That is unsustainable and puts municipalities in a tough position.

“I have proposed legislation that would actually take the burden off small towns which employ resident state troopers. This is a public safety program that is critical to small towns across our district and will continue to be debated.

“Despite no mention of tax increases there are many fees that would increase and there is the elimination of certain tax credits which will hurt businesses.

“The idea of transportation infrastructure improvements is a good one but we must discuss the cost.

“While this proposed budget creates many concerns the session has just begun and by adjournment day the details will undoubtedly change.”