Fasano Says Governor’s Tax Proposal Punishes Working People

February 17, 2015

Hartford – State Senator Len Fasano (R-North Haven), Senate Minority Leader, today questioned the impact of the governor’s sales tax proposal that punishes working families by adding costs for essential needs.

“By choosing to tax clothing under $50, the governor is beating up on those who don’t have money to spare. Taxing necessities like clothing is truly regressive tax policy that hurts Connecticut families,” said Fasano.

“By making clothing under $50 exempt from the sales tax, Connecticut would have taken a step in the right direction towards making necessities more affordable. Under Malloy’s tax ‘reduction’ you will actually be paying $3.10 more for an item of clothing that costs $49.99 starting in November and $2.97 more for that item from April 2017 onward. And concerning other items, only Governor Malloy would consider a $.03 savings on a $20 purchase a tax cut.

“By eliminating this fundamental exemption, the governor has made our tax system significantly more regressive. Clearly, he is balancing the budget on the backs of working people.”