Sen. Kane: “Go line by line in the budget to make cuts.” (WFSB)

January 24, 2015
WFSB 3 Connecticut
Gov Dannel P. Malloy announced on Friday he’s removing more than $31 million from the budget in order to balance it.

The move that could effect more than two dozen departments and agencies.

“We know these rescissions affect programs that help the people of Connecticut, but we need to control spending to avoid a deficit at year-end. Unfortunately, governor’s ability to make mid-year budget cuts is limited by amount and line item. We will continue to scrutinize state spending, and if necessary the governor will take additional steps, or propose additional steps to the legislature, to keep this year’s budget in balance. Those decisions will be made as we develop next year’s budget, which will also require some very tough choices,” Benjamin Barnes who is the Secretary Office of Policy and Management, said in a statement Friday.

Malloy met with Republican leaders Len Fasano and Themis Klarides on Friday afternoon.

Republican state Sen. Rob Kane, who is the ranking member of the legislature’s appropriations committee, released a statement Friday.

“Cutting spending is the way to fix our state’s financial crisis. We simply can’t afford more and more tax hikes in this state. We face multi-billion dollar problems in the years ahead. We need to stay focused on what taxpayers’ dollars are spent on, and go line by line in the budget to make cuts. The sooner we confront our state’s spending addiction, the better off Connecticut taxpayers will be in the long run. We have got to work together, as Republicans and Democrats, to do what is best for Connecticut,” the statement read.

To see a complete list of rescissions, click here.