Sen. Boucher on Metro-North Derailment: “Commuters want answers.”

January 29, 2015

State Senator Toni Boucher (R-Wilton), the ranking member of the General Assembly Transportation Committee, released the following statement today regarding the minor train derailment at Grand Central Terminal in New York City which caused cancellations along the Metro-North New Haven Line during peak travel time Wednesday evening, Jan. 28:

“This is the third Metro-North derailment in less than two years. This latest derailment did not end in tragedy, but it very well could have.

“My reaction boils down to one word. Why?

“Not only do we need to find out why the derailment took place. Not only do we need to find out who is accountable for Wednesday evening’s failure. The bigger question is, why should Metro-North passengers have to worry about their safety every time they board the train? And why should the loved ones of those passengers have to worry?

“The public has every reason to be alarmed when a string of accidents occur over a brief period of time. Metro-North has lost the people’s confidence. Until these questions are answered, that confidence won’t be restored.

“I await those answers from Metro-North. I know the thousands of rail commuters who I represent want to hear those answers as well – as soon as possible.”