(Hartford Courant cartoon) “…The question of tolls”

January 12, 2015

Credit: Bob Englehart

Hartford Courant Cartoon

The Titanic had a big hole in it and sunk like a stone. A hot air balloon won’t stay aloft very long with a rip in the envelope. And a water heater won’t heat much water when the bottom rusts out, but nothing is more leaky than a politician’s promise. All this talk about using transportation taxes such as tolls for only transportation projects reminds me of what the state used the tobacco financial settlement for. As I recall, we were supposed to use the billions of dollars on smoking cessation programs. Did we? We did not. Well, some of it was but most of it went into the general fund. If the question of tolls came down to a vote, I think most people would vote against it. I know I would. We already have a very high cost of living. Do we really need a high cost of driving to match?