Senator Boucher’s Letter to Chairman House in Response to PURA’s Decision re: Rates

December 3, 2014

December 3, 2014

Dear Chairman House,

The recent decision by PURA to cut CL&P’s rate request from $231.8 million to $134.5 million will be welcome news to the utility’s 1.3 million customers. Many of these customers are already finding it difficult to meet the demands of their electricity bill without the CL&P’s proposed increase.

But many still feel that PURA’s actions do not go far enough. Even the reduction of the proposed service charge from $25.50 to $19.50 would still give CL&P customers one of the highest fixed monthly services fees in the nation. Connecticut’s electricity rates are already the highest in the northeast and among the most burdensome of any state. Only in Hawaii and Alaska do customers pay more.

CL&P has attempted to justify this rate hike by arguing that it is necessary to fund infrastructure improvements, however the constant upward trajectory of electricity costs in previous years has not translated into more reliable service. Frustration with the utility remains high and both the size of this latest price increase, and its retroactive application will not inspire confidence in customers who already feel that they are paying too much for too little.

Indeed, many of these customers are reaching out to their elected officials and imploring them to bring these costs under control. Stronger action by PURA to cut down even further on CL&P’s request may be necessary to prevent future legislative intervention in the process of approving electricity rates. At the very least, it will give Connecticut’s residents a much needed respite from higher energy costs this winter.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and for your consideration.


Toni Boucher
State Senator