Sen. Art Linares Statement on CL&P Rate Hike Request

December 1, 2014

“Connecticut ratepayers will be paying more under this decision, and that is disappointing,” Sen. Art Linares (R-Westbrook) said. “At the same time, I am proud of the way Connecticut ratepayers stepped up and spoke out against this proposal. They signed my online anti-rate hike petition by the hundreds. The deep cuts that were made to the CL&P rate hike request show that their voices were at least partially heard. I think what this shows us is that going forward, we need to be even more vocal about proposed rate hikes. Connecticut ratepayers cannot afford to be zapped again and again. As our cost of living continues to rise, we grow less and less competitive with our neighboring states.”

As of Monday, more than 700 ratepayers had signed Linares’ petition at .