Courant Letter: Legislator Defends No-Bonding Stand

December 4, 2014

Hartford Courant

I am writing in response to the editorial “Borrowing For A Spree” [Nov. 23]. I applaud The Courant for finally recognizing that Connecticut is facing a serious fiscal crisis and for recognizing my efforts to speak against the $267 million of borrowing authorized by the State Bond Commission last month.

That being said, I am disheartened that the paper found it necessary to single out one of the only two Republican members of the 10-member commission to question my role as a watchdog.
Because I am strongly against excessive borrowing, I have refused to vote in favor of or speak in favor of any agenda item during my entire time on the commission, and I have warned against overspending and excessive borrowing for my entire six years as a legislator.

Sadly, the majority party has not embraced these warnings, and we face record amounts of bonded indebtedness and unfunded long-term liabilities.

It’s about time the media recognizes the financial crisis we face, but instead of questioning the watchdogs, isn’t it time to question those who continue to ignore these warnings?

State Sen. L. Scott Frantz, Greenwich

The writer is also a ranking member of the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee.