Boucher Statement on reintroduction of tolls

December 30, 2014

Hartford, CT – State Senator Toni Boucher (R-Wilton) released the following statement today RE: Governor Malloy’s public suggestion that tolls may return to state highways.

“There is still no convincing evidence for making the case for tolls. The reintroduction of tolls would be another tax on top of the highest gas taxes in the country. This would further burden Connecticut’s overtaxed commuters and the business sector.

“Furthermore, the number of motorists who do not pay electronic tolls maybe high. Experts tell us until there is national interoperability, i.e. transponders that can be used to go through all tolls anywhere in the country, it will be hard to collect from scofflaws.

“Toll cheaters (the diversion of traffic onto local roads), the cost of construction, as well as the loss of federal funding all lead to one question: will the state see an actual increase in revenues? People are very suspicious that this proposed new source of funding will be used to plug holes in the state budget.

“Raiding the special transportation fund has been a common practice by current and past administrations. That is why a constitutional amendment to “lock the box” on transportation fees is a proposal that so many of us have introduced and supported.”

Senator Boucher is the Ranking member of the General Assembly’s Transportation Committee.