Sen. Fasano Says “Games Being Played” With CT Budget Numbers

November 14, 2014

Hartford – After state officials this week acknowledged that the state potentially faces a $140 million deficit, incoming Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) today questioned whether “games” have been played with state budget numbers, citing the governor and comptroller’s delayed recognition of potential deficits.

“Things were rosy before the election, and now all of a sudden we have a problem? The timing of these announcements raises serious questions. It doesn’t pass the smell test,” said Senator Fasano.

“Prior to the election, the comptroller and the governor basically said ‘Move along…nothing to see here’ when referring to the state budget. Now, we are staring into a big budget hole. How does that happen? How did they not see this coming? Either the comptroller and the governor completely missed this, or games are being played with state budget numbers.”

Senator Fasano noted that non-partisan budget officials pointed to more than $80 million in potential budget deficiencies on October 31.

“Our non-partisan budget staff saw the problems looming, but then again, they weren’t up for re-election,” Senator Fasano said. “Governor Malloy and Comptroller Lembo have some explaining to do.”