Halloween Safety Tips

October 28, 2014

If your children are trick-or-treating this Halloween, remember to talk to them about safety. From crossing the street to knocking on doors to sorting through candy, children need to be aware of potential dangers and how to safely avoid them while still having fun. According to the CT Department of Consumer Protection, the number one cause of injury for kids on Halloween is traffic accidents, so it’s especially important to review sidewalk safety before the big day.

Some safety tips to consider and discuss with your children include:

  • Stay in a group; walk, don’t run; and communicate with each other on where they are going. Have a set time for children to be home and be sure they have a way to know the time.
  • Trick-or-treat only in well-known neighborhoods at homes that have a porch light on.
  • Stay on well-lit streets and use sidewalks; don’t cut across yards or use alleys.
  • Don’t enter a stranger’s home or car for a treat.
  • Watch and listen for cars, because not all drivers can see children crossing the street.
  • Make sure that children can see and be seen by equipping them with flashlights and reflective jewelry or stickers on their costumes.
  • Cross at crosswalks or street corners; don’t cut between parked cars.
  • Bring all Halloween "loot" home to be inspected for open or unwrapped goodies, which should be discarded.

The above recommendations come from the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection. For more information visit: www.ct.gov/dcp