Capitol Connection: Don’t Wait in Line, Go Online

October 28, 2014

One of the most dreaded places has got to be the line at the DMV. Time moves slowly, lines grow long and patience wears thin.

That’s why Connecticut has recently taken steps to make more DMV services available to residents and drivers outside of the state’s DMV locations. More specifically, Connecticut is focused on growing online services to help relieve some of the problems we all have anxiety about while waiting in line at the DMV.

So, what exactly can you do online instead of in person? Here’s a breakdown of what’s available on

Wait Times & Convenience Tools
One of the best tools now available online is the DMV wait time calculator. This tool can provide an estimate of wait times at every Connecticut DMV location, including how many people are in line for different services. In addition to the calculator, the DMV has other online convenience tools including a change of address form that can be downloaded from their website and mailed in and a vanity plate lookup tool to show drivers what vanity plates have already been issued.

Verify Licenses & Registration
The DMV website allows you to confirm whether a driver’s license (non-CDL) is valid and allows you to verify your registration, confirming that your renewal payment has processed. For some drivers, online renewal for vehicle registration is also available. If your renewal notice indicates that you are eligible for “online” renewal you will also receive a special PIN to access the online system. You can only renew your vehicle registration online if you have no delinquent taxes, outstanding parking tickets or suspended registration. You also must be in compliance with insurance and emissions testing requirements. Right now, you cannot make address or other changes to your personal information within the online renewal system.

If you don’t qualify for online renewal, you can still fill out a vehicle registration form online and print it at home before going to the DMV to save time.

Make Payments
Website users can now pay International Registration Plan invoices online. You can also pay traffic tickets through links on the DMV website or choose to plead not guilty to an infraction.

New Driver Support
New drivers can schedule and pay for their Learner Permit Knowledge Test via the DMV website. They can also access different study tools including an audio driver’s manual and informational podcasts covering topics such as driving in the snow and ice and the dangers of texting while driving.

Reporting Crimes/Complaints
If your license plate is lost or stolen you can cancel your plate via the DMV website. If you run into a problem with a new or recently repaired car you can also download and print a form to file a dealer/repairer complaint. Forms can then be mailed to the appropriate offices.

Business Tools
Business licenses managed by the DMV are also eligible for online auto-renew. Licensed dealers (new, used and marine), licensed repairers (general or limited) and licensed recyclers can all be eligible for online renewal. However, leasing licenses and manufacturing licenses cannot be renewed online.

Those who have or are applying for a Commercial Driver’s License/Commercial Driver Instruction Permit Driving Type for work can also complete self-certification online, the first step in the process. Once self-certification is complete the applicant will receive a confirmation email that can be brought to the DMV office to complete the next steps in applying, renewing or upgrading a CDL. Businesses can also access a Commercial Vehicle Operations Credentialing System allowing web visitors to apply for oversize/overweight permit transactions, International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) transactions, and requests for Motor Carrier Road Tax Decals – to name just a few of the available online services.

Mobile App
One of the newest technology developments from the DMV is a mobile app for iPhones, iPads and Android devices. The app provides wait times at DMV Offices as well as access to practice knowledge test questions, parent quizzes on teen drivers, and DMV and AAA office locations with a list of DMV services offered at each.

To access any of these services visit and click on “online services.”