Two senators want Commissioner Schriro’s resignation if she withheld information

September 23, 2014

Blog entry as it appeared in Dan Lovallo’s CTPOLITIX

Connecticut State Sen. Minority Leader John McKinney and ranking Republican Sen. Len Fasano, both Republicans, are calling for the resignation of Commissioner of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Dora B. Schriro in the wake of a New York Times story, that Schriro covered up negative information about her staff, when she was Commissioner of the New York City Corrections Department. Both senators say Gov. Dannel P. Malloy should ask for her resignation, if she withheld information from the governor about the incident.

The two senators released a joint statement:

“Earlier this month, we raised questions about Commissioner Schriro not disclosing at her legislative confirmation hearing that the U.S. Justice Department was investigating the New York City Department of Corrections at the time she headed it. At no time did she or anyone in the Governor’s Office disclose the fact that there was a Department of Justice investigation into abuses at Rikers Island during her tenure. Our observations were dismissed as an attempt to score ‘cheap political points.’

“Three weeks later, we learn that Commissioner Schriro ordered edits made on a report about inmate fights at Rikers Island. The goal was to distort key data about inmate violence. Commissioner Schriro then covered up for those who were responsible for making the omissions.

“Commissioner Schriro was the only person Gov. Malloy interviewed for this top public safety post. Gov. Malloy described Commissioner Schriro’s job interviewas ‘one of the most fascinating interviews that I’ve ever had.’

“Did Commissioner Schriro disclose to Gov. Malloy that she ordered these edits? If she did tell Gov. Malloy, then why did he hire her? If she did not tell Gov. Malloy about this matter, then we hope he will first ask her why she failed to mention it and then ask for her resignation.”