Board of Regents Request Unjustifiable

September 9, 2014

Hartford, CT – Assistant Minority Leader in the House, State Representative Jason Perillo (R-Shelton), joined the Ranking Members of the Higher Education Committee State Representative Tim LeGeyt (R-Avon) and State Senator Toni Boucher (R-Wilton) in releasing the following statement today re: Board of Regents decision to approve requesting an increase of more than $60 million in state funding for the next budget.

“State Universities are facing declining enrollment and year after year, our students and families are forced to pay for tuition increases they cannot afford. During the last decade annual tuition and fees at the universities has nearly doubled from $4,531 in 2003 to $8,990 this year. We have to work together to find ways to bring tuition costs down not drive them up further.

“The fact that the Board of Regents would even consider asking for a nearly 10% increase suggests that they are insulated from the reality our students are facing and it is unjustifiable.

“We are asking the Regents to be realistic about finances. This year alone BOR staff have been awarded huge bonuses and administrators continue to receive unreasonably high salaries and perks. It is not okay to keep putting the burden of questionable financial decisions on the taxpayers.

“Despite the fact that the Regents are in charge of the four state universities, twelve community colleges and Charter Oak College they answer to the legislature, the Governor and ultimately the taxpayers.

“There may not have been a lot of debate on the increase in funding the Regents would like but there is certainly going to be ample discussion when the request comes before the General Assembly. Providing a top quality education at an affordable price has to be the collective goal.”