Sen. Fasano accuses Malloy of playing politics with delay of illegal immigrant driver’s license program [Audio]

August 27, 2014

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In this edition of CTTalking Podcast, state Sen. Len Fasano, R-34th District, accuses the Malloy administration of playing politics with the delay in the implementation of the driver’s license program for illegal immigrants. The story broke, when News 8 claimed a “government source” told them the programs has been put on hold for political reasons.

The senator does not buy the explanation being made that the Department of Motor Vehicles does not have the infrastructure in place to handle the increased traffic on its website to handle applications for licenses. He said the DMV had more than a year to put the program in place.

Sen. Fasano also mentioned that when a delay of this magnitude occurs, legislative leaders are informed first hand. He said this time, no word came from DMV Commissioner Melanie Currey or anyone in state government about the delay. He also found it interesting, that this Democratic Party initiative – driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants – has not received one note of protest from the party leaders, since the delay was announced. Sen. Fasano thinks it’s curious that groups representing immigrants have also been silent on the issue.

I also give my opinion, after the podcast interview. Bottom line, this story deserves a major investigation by the mainstream media. I find it curious, that the program’s start is being delayed until after the election. It leads you to believe driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants may be more controversial than the Democrats thought.

At the very least, the Democrats and Malloy are faced with a two-edged sword:

-Either the program is being delayed for political reasons
-Or DMV and thus the administration is incompetent in instituting a program for which they had 15 months to prepare.
Which is it? The taxpayers and voters of Connecticut deserve an answer, as do the illegal immigrants who were anticipating a chance to get their driver’s license.