GOP Lawmakers Demand DMV Disclose Governor’s Role in Delaying Immigrant Driver’s Licenses

August 27, 2014

Hartford – Republican lawmakers are asking the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles disclose whether or not they were pressured by the governor to delay implementing the undocumented immigrant driver’s license program.

Today, Senator Len Fasano (R-34), Senate Minority Leader Pro Tempore, along with Transportation Committee ranking member Senator Toni Boucher (R-26) and committee members Senator L. Scott Frantz (R-36) and Senator Mike McLachlan (R-24), sent a letter to the DMV requesting information and a timeline of correspondence with the governor’s administration.

The letter seeks answers to a series of questions related to the DMV’s decision to delay implementing the program that will enable undocumented immigrants to begin signing up to obtain driver’s licenses in Connecticut. The delay pushes the program roll out from September to December of this year.

“It would be extremely inappropriate for any state leader to purposefully delay a program to avoid bad press before an election,” said Fasano.

In the letter to DMV Commissioner Currey the legislators wrote: “We are sure you can understand why, in an election year, a delay of such a debated program initially championed by the governor can be interpreted as a political action. Therefore, we ask that you explain completely the decision to delay the program and disclose any and all communication between your office and the governor’s administration including the Office of Policy and Management concerning this issue.”

“On the surface, it looks like the governor is trying to hide a controversial program that could cost him voters,” said Fasano. “In 2013, Governor Malloy championed the undocumented immigrant driver’s license program, despite significant public criticism. Now, with just weeks until the election, the program is pushed back. We hope the DMV will be forthcoming with their answers and full disclosure of any conversations with the governor’s administration regarding this delay,” said Fasano.