Senator Markley Completes Town Hall Tour in the 16th District

July 14, 2014

Senator Markley and Representative Sampson host a town hall forum in Wolcott.

Senator Markley and Representative Sampson host a town hall forum in Wolcott.

Over the past month, State Senator Joe Markley (R-16) joined legislators throughout the 16th senatorial district to host open discussions concerning new legislation, the state’s fiscal and economic situation, and other subjects of concern to constituents. The town hall tour began on Wednesday June 4 and concluded on Tuesday June 24. Stops included the following:

  • Southington: June 4 at the Municipal Center with Representatives Al Adinolfi and Rob Sampson
  • Prospect: June 10 at Prospect Town Hall with Representative Lezlye Zupkus
  • Wolcott: June 12 at Wolcott Town Hall with Representative Rob Sampson
  • Waterbury: June 18 at Waterbury City Hall with Representative Anthony D’Amelio
  • Cheshire: June 24 at Cheshire Town Hall Representatives Al Adinolfi and Lezlye Zupkus

“It is very important for me to make sure the people in my district are aware of what happens during the legislative session at the state Capitol,” said Senator Markley. “So many bills are proposed and so many issues discussed that it can be difficult to grasp the results.

Senator Markley speaks to concerned constituents in the district during his 2014 Town Hall Tour

“My job is to make sure my community knows how new legislation affects the people we serve. This town hall tour was a learning opportunity for both legislators and citizens, and I would like to thank everyone who joined me for our discussions. I’d extend a special thank you to my colleagues in the state House of Representatives who enriched the conversation with their perspective, and to the great staff at the capitol and in local government who arranged the events.”

The town halls focused on an overview of the 2014 legislative session and addressed concerns raised by attendees. Discussions covered topics ranging from healthcare to the Common Core curriculum to budget issues and taxes.

“I’ve held town hall meetings open to all at the beginning and end of each legislative session in each community I represent since I took office in 2011—over thirty such events in all. I want people to understand what’s happening at the capitol, good and bad, and I want to share my perspective on the situation and explain what I believe we must do to put our state back on track,” Markley said.

“Overwhelmingly, attendees agree that we must reduce the size, scope, and cost of state government. That has been my priority as a legislator, and I am gratified by the support expressed at these meetings for our positions and our efforts.”