Senator Fasano: High Energy Costs Hinder Growth in Connecticut

July 15, 2014

Hartford – State Senator Len Fasano (R-34) Senate Minority Leader Pro Tempore, today released the following statement regarding Wallethub’s new report on national energy prices.

“It is alarming to see Connecticut’s energy costs identified as some of the most expensive in the nation. Connecticut residents spend more money on electricity every month than people in every other state except Hawaii, paying on average $143. And when you look at total energy costs, Connecticut comes in as the third most expensive state with a monthly average cost of over $404 – a significant burden for any family.

“Electricity is the lifeblood of everyday technology and all people in Connecticut deserve access to affordable energy. Unfortunately, Connecticut’s high prices make it impossible for many families to live here. Prices that are significantly higher than the national average create substantial challenges that permeate every home and business in our state.

“While Governor Malloy pledged to drive down the cost of energy in Connecticut, it is clear that he has failed. The state’s 2013 Comprehensive Energy Strategy attributes any lowering of Connecticut rates to falling natural gas prices, in spite of other increases. Therefore, the only thing Governor Malloy can take credit for is failing to make significant improvements to energy accessibility.

“The new disturbing rankings should be a wakeup call. If we hope to see Connecticut grow and prosper, we need to do more to make daily life affordable for everyone.”