Sen. Fasano Responds to Editorial Claiming GOP is Clueless on Race [New Haven Register]

July 29, 2014

Letter as it appeared in the New Haven Register

Dear Editor,

Recently, a New Haven Register editorial used a broad brush approach in making an illegitimate and irresponsible claim that the Republican Party is “clueless about [minorities’] experience and needs.” The editorial stated that Republican candidate for lieutenant governor Heather Bond Somers, “is of the belief, popular in a Republican Party…that we are in a ‘post-racial society,’” insinuating that she is insensitive to racial issues.

I am not defending or condoning Somers’ comments made during a meeting with the New Haven Register editorial board, because I wasn’t present and therefore am not privy to the context of the conversation or the question that was posed. However, I do know this state Republican Party and I do know the leaders and the members of Connecticut’s Senate and House Republicans. I also know how many of us do understand the role that race plays in society.
To suggest that Republicans “don’t get it” is a typical talking head talking point and worn out political rhetoric. The only purpose of these kinds of accusations is to inflame and cause dissension.

Moving forward, I think we need to open the dialogue and further the conversation on race. I believe that if this was done in the first place, the Register would have learned that their assertion about the Republican Party in Connecticut was both inaccurate and unfounded.
Maybe an open conversation would also make the public more aware of the various minority Republican candidates and what they stand for. Or, maybe more people could learn about the major pieces of legislation proposed this year by Republicans, and not supported by some Democrats, that would have greatly benefited various minority groups. Maybe the public could even get to know the Republican leaders whose heroes were people of color and who aspire to further the legacy of their role models.

And maybe, just maybe, instead of sophomoric assertions, we could lead a new and enlightening conversation. If the New Haven Register agrees, they can start with me. I am ready to illuminate the public on the Republican Party of today.

— State Sen. Leonard Fasano (R-North Haven), Senate Minority Leader Pro Tempore