Sen. Fasano Criticizes CL&P Proposed Rate Hike

July 30, 2014

Hartford – State Senator Len Fasano (R-34), Senate Minority Leader Pro Tempore, today released the following statement regarding Connecticut Light & Power’s request to raise their fixed residential service charge of $16 a month to $25.50 a month – a nearly 60 percent increase.

“A rate hike of this level is an added and untimely burden for many families across our state. Connecticut already has some of the most expensive energy costs in the nation, with residents spending more money on electricity every month than people in every other state except Hawaii,” said Fasano.

“Not only will this increase hurt our families, it just shows how wrong our energy policies are under this administration. The more efficient we are, the more it costs residents. How could this possibly make sense? We tell residents to become energy efficient and use alternative energy sources, and then we charge them for it.

“Power companies need to look for other avenues to offset changing costs such as reducing operating expenses or even adjusting rates. Applying a one size fits all fee increase that consumers have no control over, no matter how much or how little energy they actually consume, is just not fair. The people of Connecticut should not be the ones penalized for embracing modern, efficient practices.”