Lawmakers to discuss uses and regulations of drones [WFSB]

July 8, 2014


HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – Connecticut is now part of a debate over how local law enforcement, businesses and even residents can use a remote-controlled aircraft also known as a drone.

The Program Review and Investigations Committee voted last month to research issues surrounding drones.

While there is the issue of privacy, lawmakers are finding that using drones aren’t all bad, and in fact some believe they can save lives.

“I think this is an extraordinarily difficult issue on a number of grounds,” said the state’s Senate Minority Leader Republican State Senator Len Fasano.

Fasano, along with other state lawmakers, are looking at how to deal with drones, and a study was launched to look at issues surrounding the use and regulation of the devices.

Many lawmakers said there are positive aspects of using them.

“Surveillance activity for police, using for fires to determine how much of a building is burning,” are just a few positive aspects that Fasano came up with.

As with everything, there are the negative aspects that come along too.

“I think it’s a very difficult balancing act. I think there is a significant advantage to a lot of people using them, but however it can be kind of creepy,” Fasano added.

After citing privacy issues, things got a little heated last month when a 17-year-old man was using a drone to take pictures and a woman tried to stop him.

Also, a local restaurant Tilted Kilt Pub in Milford claimed credit for making the first delivery of wings by drone.

Just this pack week, a drone was used to fly through fireworks which showed a birds-eye view of the show.

“We are going to have to come out with some guidelines, some states have already done that and we are going to look at those states,” Fasano added.

There are more than 20 states that have regulations in place.

The next legislative session begins in January, and lawmakers said drones will be on the topic list.