Sen. Fasano to Gov. Malloy: Do the Right Thing and Urge DGA to Stay Out of Gov’s Race

June 12, 2014

Saying it is “the right thing to do,” Sen. Len Fasano today wrote to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to demand that Democratic Governors Association (DGA) stay out of the governor’s race.

Fasano’s June 12 letter (attached) was issued in light of the State Elections Enforcement Commission’s Declaratory Ruling 2014-02 and after this week’s federal court ruling which denied the DGA’s request for a preliminary injunction that could have stopped the state from enforcing its clean election laws.

“This is a golden opportunity for the governor to show leadership,” Fasano said. “Our clean election laws have been a model for the country. Now, they are on the verge of being eviscerated. Here is a chance for Gov. Malloy to say to DGA, ‘Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t want your help.’ He can pick up the phone today and tell DGA he does not want their funds to be used in this election. I hope he sets the right example.

“On the other hand, if Gov. Malloy doesn’t call on DGA to remove itself from the campaign, his silence will speak volumes. The DGA is pushing to allow coordinated fundraising between candidates and special interests. If they succeed, a mockery would be made out of our campaign finance rules. Connecticut will become a punch line.”

Fasano highlighted the fact that the DGA, through its lawyers, sought an anonymous declaratory ruling asking if a group could make campaign expenditures for a candidate who had raised money for the group in the past. That ruling indicated that such expenditures may in fact be illegal if that candidate received support from that group in the past. DGA supported Gov. Malloy in the 2010 election.

The DGA then filed suit in federal court to prevent the SEEC from enforcing the state campaign finance laws. The motion for an injunction was denied based on lack of standing, noting that until the DGA makes an illegal contribution to a campaign, there is no issue to decide.

“The governor holds all the cards,” Fasano said. “He can take a stand on behalf of transparent and clean elections or remain silent for self-serving reasons. If he takes a stand, I’ll be the first to applaud Gov. Malloy.”