State Senate approves Point Stratford [CT Post]

May 9, 2014

CT Post

HARTFORD — The Senate early Wednesday ratified legislation that would create the Point Stratford Infrastructure Improvement District, a special taxing district around 78 acres including the former Army Engine Plant in the South End of town.

The bill, which was approved earlier in the House, heads to the governor.

“The passage of this measure moves us one steps closer to allowing Stratford to have the ability to revitalize this location for public use,” said Rep. Laura Hoydick, R-Stratford, after the unanimous Senate vote. “It opens the door for an exciting opportunity for economic expansion in Stratford, creating jobs and improving the quality of life in the area.”

“Stratford has waited 20 years to see this property return to productive use and this is another positive step in that direction,” said Rep. Terry Backer, D-Stratford.

“This will grow a new neighborhood, complete with residential areas and space for recreation and commerce,” said Sen. Kevin Kelly, R-Stratford.

A three-company collaborative was selected last fall to work with Point Stratford Renewal, the designated developer, to transform the former plant into a new mix-use location, including brownfield cleanups and new roads and sewers.