Sen. Frantz: Setting the Record Straight on the Special Transportation Fund

May 21, 2014

Hartford – State Senator L. Scott Frantz (R-36), member of the General Assembly’s Transportation Committee, released the following statement today regarding the state’s Special Transportation Fund and recent claims made by the governor’s office.

“In a news release issued by the governor’s office today the following statement was made: ‘The Governor’s 2015 transportation budget also restores the dedication of the State Transportation Fund solely for transportation purposes.’

“This statement is false and misleading. The 2015 budget passed by the majority party actually further reduces the Special Transportation Fund (STF) by an additional $2.1 million. This reduction in funds brings the total amount of money swiped from the STF in FY 2015 to $20.5 million. It also brings the total swiped from the fund under Governor Malloy to $189.4 million.

“I would like to correct the record here. The 2015 budget continues the practice of diverting taxpayer money that is supposed to go towards fixing our roads, bridges and railways. It does not restore the money that was previously stolen from the STF, and instead, it swipes more money from the fund.

“Connecticut needs to stop raiding the STF and start properly funding and maintaining our transportation systems,” said Senator Frantz.

The STF sweep in the 2015 budget can be found in section 54 of House Bill 5596