Sen. Linares Applauds State’s Protection of “The Preserve”

April 25, 2014

Sen. Art Linares, who represents Old Saybrook, Essex and Westbrook, applauded the governor’s April 25 announcement of a plan for the state to play a major role in purchasing and protecting as open space a 1,000-acre parcel along Long Island Sound known as The Preserve.

“This is terrific news,” Sen. Linares said. “This invaluable coastal forest is the last significant portion of a fragile wildlife ecosystem in southern New England. It is critical that we permanently protect this forest and wetland, not only for the animal and plant species whose survival greatly depends upon it, but also for the local communities whose water supplies and recreational enjoyment of Long Island Sound and the Connecticut River could be irreparably damaged if development were to occur. Individuals and families look forward to the opportunity to explore the forest, hike future trails, and learn more about the natural world.”