Sen. Welch & Rep. Betts Welcome Bristol Chamber of Commerce Members to State Capitol

March 30, 2014

Sen. Welch and Rep. Betts listening to business leaders at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

Hartford, CT – State Senator Jason Welch (R-31) and State Representative Whit Betts (R-18), welcomed members of the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce to the Legislative Office Building on Wednesday, March 5th.

“Small businesses are constantly squeezed in our state. I am encouraged by the positive spirit they maintain despite the excessive regulations and taxes piled on them by the current administration,” said Sen. Welch. “It would be helpful if lawmakers in Hartford could agree to ease the burden on the business community with ideas like getting rid of the business entity tax, not mandating electronic filing of taxes and not forcing business to spend money they don’t have.”

Senator Welch and Representative Betts met with the business owners as part of the 2014 Connecticut Business Day that was co-sponsored by the Connecticut Business and Industry Association and Connecticut Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives.

“Bristol, Plymouth, and Terryville businesses are the lifeline to our community,” said Rep. Betts. “From providing essential goods and services to supporting community and school groups alike, our businesses are an integral part of life in our greater community. A strong economy depends on the health of our small businesses. This session, I have supported legislation that would reduce the tax burden in an effort to encourage greater economic development.”

Betts discussed a legislative proposal by House Republicans that calls for the elimination of a special assessment payment imposed by Malloy administration on all CT businesses. The bill, H.B.5314 An Act Concerning Interest Payments on Advances from the Federal Unemployment Account, would provide $60 million in immediate tax relief for all businesses. The proposal would be paid for by using a portion of the available unexpected revenues the state has accrued.

“This proposed bill is in direct response to the request of small businesses asking for relief. We have an opportunity in the legislature to take a step in the right direction toward making Connecticut more business-friendly and helping to creating jobs in our communities,” said Rep. Betts.

Betts was one of the 51 petition signatures to raise a bill that would eliminate the surcharge all businesses pay on money borrowed for the state’s unemployment insurance fund. The Democrat majority-controlled Labor Committee had refused to raise HB 5314 for a public hearing. Following the public hearing, this bill has been voted out of committee will go up to the floors for debate in the legislature later this session.

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