Sen. McLachlan Dissatisfied With Metro North Improvement Plan []

March 5, 2014

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Metro-North President Joseph Giulietti has given Connecticut’s transportation commissioner a preliminary 100-day improvement plan. Giulietti told Commissioner James Redeker on Monday the first priority is to rebuild a culture of safety. He says Metro-North’s priorities are to operate safely, communicate better and restore performance.

Giulietti said Metro-North will re-establish a department to enforce safety policies, a data analysis unit to identify positive and negative trends, and improve programs to train and test employees on their knowledge of safe operations.

He promised at least six meetings with commuters during the 100 days.

Danbury State Senator Mike McLachlan says the plan lacks substance and falls short. He’s concerned the Federal Railroad Administration is not doing their job when it comes to Metro North oversight.

McLachlan questioned the Commissioner yesterday on the Danbury branch problems. He was told there’s a task force working to fix the signal malfunctions at the grade crossings. But he called that an answer for not giving an answer. He says there is a lot of work that needs to be done.

Governor Malloy said he is disappointed that Metro-North did not provide more specifics. He said Giulietti’s letter is a roadmap to better and safer service, riders need to know that there is a plan with benchmarks and deadlines.