Rep. Ziobron, Sen. Linares: Proposal Would Convey State Land to East Haddam, Colchester

March 27, 2014

Rep. Melissa Ziobron and Sen. Art Linares are co-sponsoring legislation which will convey state-owned land to East Haddam and Colchester.

  • East Haddam was granted state funding to develop an agriculture business center and community farm which is estimated to generate up to 20 jobs. The parcel to be conveyed is a strip of land that runs parallel to Mt. Parnassus Road and adjacent to the agri-business. Currently, it is an abandoned rest area that was given to the state to pay homage to an important local citizen, Captain George Comer. Comer was a successful Arctic whaling captain, who conducted pioneering fieldwork in Arctic anthropology. Unfortunately, the land has not been properly maintained by the state and the town is in better position to take care of it. Near the present site of the monument, the Conservation and Agricultural Commission would like to re-dedicate the memorial with new picnic tables and create a new entrance into the agri-center. In doing so, the site would become a focal point once again and bring attention to the Comer family legacy.
  • The parcel of land to be conveyed to Colchester hosts a Municipal Pump Sewage Station and serves an adjacent state Department of Transportation facility. The site may serve additional public safety needs for Colchester in the future.

“I was happy to work closely with both towns to submit these requests,” Rep. Ziobron said. “In East Haddam, it was important to recognize that the town was in a better position to care for the property than the state. But, it was equally important to make sure that the conveyance language kept intact all the deed restrictions that were originally put in place by the Comer family. I was happy to make sure their wishes were honored. Colchester residents and businesses have benefitted from the infrastructure improvements to this area and this transfer will allow them to plan for future public safety projects.”

“This proposal which will benefit both East Haddam and Colchester over the long-term,” Sen. Linares said. “We are proud to co-sponsor these land conveyances, and will continue to work with town and state officials to see that this measure becomes state law.”

The legislation has received bipartisan support at the legislative committee level and now awaits a vote from the full Connecticut General Assembly. The legislative session ends in May.