February 24, 2014

Stratford – Senator Kevin Kelly (R-21) visited two elementary schools in Stratford to teach students about the lawmaking process in Connecticut.

Senator Kelly gave presentations to Kathleen Lozinak’s fourth grade class at Chapel Street Elementary School and to Claire Casey’s fifth grade class at St. James School on Wednesday, February 19. The lessons taught students about how a bill is created and the process that happens before a bill can become a law.

“I was honored to have the opportunity to speak with two bright groups of students,” said Senator Kelly. “It is very important to get our children excited about issues that affect the lives of Connecticut families. These students are our future leaders, and sparking an early understanding and interest in government is key to fostering engaged citizenship.”

Both classes will visit the state Capitol later this year to tour the building and learn more about the state legislature.

“The students were excited to welcome Senator Kelly to our classroom,” said Kathleen Lozinak. “By talking to someone directly involved in government, the students got a firsthand understanding of how a bill becomes a law. They saw that lawmaking is not just something we read about in history books; it happens continuously everywhere in the country, even right here in Connecticut.”

As part of the lesson, Senator Kelly also gave the students information on an education bill, which they can now track throughout the legislative session to watch the lawmaking process.

“Being able to track a real bill over the next few months is a great way to help the students stay engaged and see what they’ve learned in action. We really enjoyed the visit and lesson and we look forward to keeping in touch with Senator Kelly and learning more about the legislative process,” said Claire Casey.

Lozinak also commended Senator Kelly for his approach to the lesson. “He certainly could have a future as an educator. He did a great job relating the legislative process to topics the students understood. He talked about bus safety, the number of school days and other things the students had their own opinions about. The kids were completely engaged the entire time,” Lozinak said.

Georgianna, a fourth grade student from Chapel School, thanked Senator Kelly saying, “He taught me a lot about how laws rotate through a process to become laws.”

Senator Kelly looks forward to meeting with the group of students at the Capitol later this year.