Sen. McLachlan Calls for Metro North Oversight Panel

February 4, 2014

Sen. Michael McLachlan is urging the leaders of the legislature’s Transportation Committee to pass a measure which would create an oversight panel for Metro-North.

“Our rail commuters are frustrated at the lack of service, the safety concerns raised, and the failures at all levels by Metro-North,” Sen. McLachlan wrote. “They deserve the peace of mind that added oversight can offer.”

The panel would have the authority to adjudicate train service issues, including the ability to fine for violations.

“Metro-North is a linchpin in Connecticut’s economy,” Sen. McLachlan said. “Added oversight will ensure that this key economic engine is running as efficiently and as safely as possible. This panel will be a voice for commuters who feel voiceless and ignored. It will keep the public apprised of the railroad’s performance and press for results. We cannot and will not tolerate further failures. I look forward to working on this issue with legislators from both sides of the political aisle.”

Sen. McLachlan added that he looks forward to a public hearing being scheduled on his proposal in the coming weeks. The 2014 session of the Connecticut General Assembly begins on Wednesday and ends in May.