Sen. Art Linares Touts Plan to Encourage Young CT Entrepreneurs

February 25, 2014

Sen. Art Linares (R-Westbrook) and Rep. Chris Davis (R-Ellington) are supporting a proposal which aims to establish a “Learn Here, Live Here” program to provide an incentive for students who graduate from Connecticut colleges or technical schools to establish a new business in the state.

Under the proposal, students who graduate from colleges or technical schools in Connecticut after January 1, 2015, may deposit up to $2,500 annually into the “Learn Here, Live Here” account. Up to 10 years after graduation, that money may be withdrawn by a participant for the establishment of a new business in the state.

“We want to do all we can to get college graduates to stay in Connecticut after graduation,” said Sen. Linares, 25, who co-founded a successful small business when he was 19. “We also want to do all we can to get them to consider starting businesses of their own. Allowing young people to make these investments in their futures will help them pay for start-up costs associated with the establishment of a new business. This proposal sends the message to young people that their state wants them to be innovators and entrepreneurs.”

“Connecticut has found success in creating incentives for first-time home buyers, so why not try it with start-up businesses to encourage entrepreneurship? ” said Rep. Davis, 27, who is a realtor. “We think this would be a great way to encourage young people to stay in Connecticut, to put their educations and skills to work right here, and to create private sector jobs in the process. Our goal is to not only slow down the Connecticut brain drain, but to reverse it. Want Connecticut graduates to stay? Let’s start providing them with great reasons to stay.”