Markley Wins in the Battle to Defund Common Core Marketing

January 29, 2014

Hartford, CT – State Senator Joe Markley (R-Southington) released the following statement today re: Education Commissioner Stephan Pryor’s decision to not spend $1 million on a Common Core Marketing campaign.

“I have never had one of my bills pass so fast! Commissioner Pryor’s decision to not spend taxpayer dollars on the advertising and public relations campaign to promote the Common Core curriculum is a wise one.

“Why should the state spend a million taxpayer dollars to sell us on its policies?” asked Markley. “The State Department of Education adopted Common Core without asking our approval—why try to buy our support now, with our own money? Neither the legislature nor the parents of our state had a voice in this fundamental change in public education. Let’s have a conversation, not indoctrination.

“I firmly believe that local districts know best how to educate their students. I represent five communities with very different circumstances—I don’t believe the state should impose a single system on all of them. I’ve taught in high school and college myself—I know the value of flexibility in the classroom, and the limitations and dangers of extensive standardized testing.”