(Fox CT Video) Sen. Kane Concerned With DMV Selling Driving Records

January 28, 2014

Article as it appeared on FoxCT

Lawmakers Concerned With DMV Selling Driving Records To Insurance Companies

For years, the state Department of Motor Vehicles has sold drivers records to insurance companies. But, now that the DMV is planning to market this information, Sen. Rob Kane of Watertown and Rep. Craig Miner of Litchfield are uneasy over the practice.

“It’s one thing when the companies come to the DMV and ask for data records on driving, and habits and vehicles and alike,” says Kane, a Republican, whose big concern, in light of the Target data breach, is drivers’ personal information.

“We know that it’s not a totally safe world and electronics can be hacked and computers can be hacked. It’s very dangerous that we have this information out there,” added Kane.

But, the DMV says they do not release pictures, social security numbers or medical information to any vendor seeking driver histories.

“What we give is their name, the address, their license number and their driving history,” said William K. Seymour, spokesperson, for the Department of Motor Vehicles. He added that the DMV has been allowed, by state and federal statutes, to sell this information for some twenty years.

“The people have always been protected and will continue to be protected,” emphasized Seymour.

The State Department of Administrative Services tells FOX CT that only insurance companies are permitted to purchase this driver data.

Last year, the state sold 1.5 million driving records to insurance companies at $15 dollars apiece. That’s over 22 million dollars in revenue.

“It’s always about revenue grabs for the State of Connecticut. They’re always looking for opportunities for revenue because we can’t reduce spending on the other side,” said Kane.